Access to Direct Care

TPIA discusses how all individuals should have access to complete health care including availability and affordability. Find resources below to increase your advocacy and find direct care for individuals with disabilities in Texas.

Family Based Advocacy

Find a network of parents and professionals who advocate on health care for children and youth with special health care needs with Texas Parent to Parent.

Self-Advocacy Network

Join a network of self-advocates with 20 local chapters across the state of Texas that participate in legislative work, self-advocacy, training on person-directed planning, participate in local community service activities, and speak out for Texans with disabilities.

Find Services

You can locate your local aging, disability, behavioral health, and intellectual or developmental disabilities service offices near you through HHS.  

Learn About Benefits

Use Your Texas Benefit to learn about different benefit programs that may be beneficial for you including SNAP, daily living needs, food benefits, and other health care programs.


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